Rozlyn Cyhiraeth (hells_servant) wrote in weareforsaken,
Rozlyn Cyhiraeth

Alrighty READ up

Its decided that the rp will be moving. In short this rp has been dieing out and I want to bring it back to life, give it a new start. So if you want to continue rping with the rest of us and will be active, on the other journal site with the same basic rp community (same characters same place just 1-2 years later in the story) then please go to and make a journal up for your character and let me know the name of it so it can be added to the _theforsaken_ journal on the other site.

Only make characters that you KNOW you will be able to keep up with. The rules have changed at the new rp and post will now be needed every 10 days or less. Please REREAD the community rules over there. Also this rp takes place 1-2 years after this rp does so a back history will be needed for whatever characters you decide to bring over. This back history will be posted in there PERSONAL journals for everyone to read. So IM me with your characters journal name or post it here and I will add your character to the new rp right away.

Rps in THIS journal will continue to wrap up, a post about lucians funeral will be made and that will be one of the last posts done in this community. So if you have a rp going know you have a day or more to finish it up. Im thinking Monday will be the start of the new rp? let me know if anyone thinks we need more time and please please reply to this post and let me know if you will be moving over, even if you dont have the journal yet, need to make a list of characters and such for the new rp.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
Im really glad you all understand the need for this move ;)

-Jessica, Modness

Side note, greatestjournal is the same journal site as rpgunlimited, they canged there name.
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