Rozlyn Cyhiraeth (hells_servant) wrote in weareforsaken,
Rozlyn Cyhiraeth

Modness take....who the hell knows...another Mod post...

Everyone Please Read

Ok everyone...heres me and the comods thoughts lately on the rp. For the last month or more the rp has been slow and going down hill, it seems I have to pull on half the peoples ears to get them to post once every two weeks, which I shouldnt have to do. Once every two weeks is NOT a hard thing to accomplish, frankly most other rps have it so you have to post once every four or five days. Since I have to email so many and update with so many informing them to post its making the rp become more of a chore to me and makes me feel like Im FORCING people to post which shouldnt be the case at all and makes me feel really bad.
Im aware we need more people and im advertising like crazy but I can only do so much. Since I made a journal for _theforsaken_ at the other rp site Ive already gotten one email from someone wanting to join and this is BEFORE I even advertised the community on the new board. With that in mind Im thinking a move is the only way I can try to get this rp back on its feet again and get regular post and plots flowing. Me and Felica REALLY dont want to lose any of you but we are thinking about what is best for the community and what we can do to get it back up to speed again and make people want to join.
Me and felicia though that if the rp is moved that maybe it should take place a year or two after this one did, give the rp a chance for a new begining so to speak. I would write up a back history of what happened in this (livejournal) rp and post it in the new journal site, let everyone be able to read what happened here (lj) without having to read allll the posts. If it did take place a a year or two after this rp the first post for all of the characters (in there personal journals) would be a brief summary of what happened to them. (aka Roz took off and went insane...brothers tried to follow her...blah blah) What do you guys think? We dont want to do anything that everyone is going to hate.
I have already started to make journals on the new journal site though the move is still no definate yet. But Im doing it just in case, have to much time on my hands. But Id like to know who FOR SURE will be willing to move to the new site AND keep up with posting. As much as it pains me to say this if you cant post every 10 days or probably shouldnt join. I dont want to have to feel like im forcing ppl to post again. The rules will be edited a bit if I do make the new journal too, posts will need to be more often then 2 weeks and things along those lines. I also want to know what people will refuse to will make a differance on if we do or not.

Felicia let me know if I missed anything or if something isnt worded right.
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