Rozlyn Cyhiraeth (hells_servant) wrote in weareforsaken,
Rozlyn Cyhiraeth


Everyone NEEDS to vote on this!

Ok guys heres the deal. There is a new rpg journal site (just like livejournal) but on this site you can have up to 100 icons and it is also free, no codes or anything. I wouldnt be willing to move every post over or anything but I would leave the community (this one on lj) up so if people need to backread that its there for everyone. I want to know how many of you are interested in moving the site or if you think it is fine as is. If i did move the community it would have the same name and same rules, everything wold be copy and pasted over. But again the posts from this community (lj) woud not be moved over. Let me know your guys thoughts and opinions on this, Im unsure on it.
The journal rpg site is

Poll #178010 To move or not move...

Should I move the community to the new journal site?


Sent an email to everyone too, sorry if it sent twice, damn hotmail oddness...
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It seems to be just like LJ, so I am sure it would be reliable. It'd be nice to have an unlimited amount of codes, then we won't have to worry about new people joining, or wanting to make new characters. Also, it is an RPG site, so we would probably get a lot of new characters! It seems like a good idea to me...Tai
Although, looking around at unlimitedrpg, it seems to be a lot of stupid people making journals to "RP" as their favorite teen idol. Hrm, some people are rather strange if you ask me...Tai
I agree there is a lot of teen idol crap in there but there are some other ones, ive been spending way to much time hunting around there to make sure its reliable.
as much as i think it's a good idea, it would be a hassle for me. I have a hard enought time remembering all my RP stuff on LJ without adding another server. another of my RPs wanted to do the same thing and I'm not sure if I could keep up as well.
I know it might be a bit of a hassel but the rp is royally dieing and Im trying to find some way to bring it back. If no codes and unlimited icons is the way to do it then I will. I dont want to make rping a hassel for anyone but i DO want to save the rp.
I have no room to speak really, but I doubt somehow that having more icons or such will make much difference. I mean, we -have- the codes to give to people if they need them, so basically it's free as it is. Personally, I would prefer to stay in LJ. I'm just old fashioned like that.
actually we dont have that many codes. We have some but not that many. We also dont have enough so that everyone has only one character per journal, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. And some people, yes the icon thing is a big deal. Like me with Roz, I wouldnt have to pay every month for icon room. I know Felicia and Xavier liked the more icon thing too.

did you get the email about posting by tonight?