Rozlyn Cyhiraeth (hells_servant) wrote in weareforsaken,
Rozlyn Cyhiraeth

Will the modness ever stop? Again with the stuff I hate...

Devaan aka padraigdarksoul is now suspended from the rp, been two weeks since he has posted and a week and a half since I have talked with him. If I recieve word from him soon and he has a logical reasoning for being gone there is a chance of him being allowed back in, as there is with everyone that becomes suspended. nikt and nun_of_death have till tomorrow to post or give me word as to what is going on before they too are suspended, Ive been emailing him for a while but have recieved no word back.

List of people that need to watch the two week rule, been a week (lil more or lil less)
  • Nikt

  • sister sin

  • pandora - plot character

  • Alicia

  • Grendal

  • Jesse

  • Drai

  • Lily

  • Domina
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