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Damn the school year and my parents

Well, the school year has begun for me, which poses a big problem--My mother is a control freak who believes all little boys and girls should be getting nine-to-ten hours of sleep every night and therefore believes that no-one should be allowed on the computer after nine o'clock (central time).

Seeing as the majority of you people only come on-line at night (and live on or near the West Coast), I will either need to resort to RP-sterbating or hoping for someone to come on-line during the day. This is going to make things very difficult for me to post. Anyone have any ideas, suggestions, or pity?
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definatly give you pity on that one, damned parents. I am on during the day for the most part...though my insomnia has been forcing me to stay up later which in turn makes me sleep far later...*plans on going back to sleep after posting this*
Best suggestion I can give is to email or message people (if they leave them online) with a plot idea and see when they could be online to do it (weekends and such) Im normally online around 2pm-4pm my time lately, so if you need me for anything just simply let me know.
How many hours difference is there between central and west coast time?
Below is my schedule (*does not include driving time*). I hope this may be of some use. I'll see what I can think of for RP-ing with you, VampyricDreams and AriesStarrTwink:

[Central Time schedule]

HS Classes:
07:45 am - 10:45 am // M,T,W,H,F

Intro to Java:
06:00 pm - 09:30 pm // T

Lit. Mag:
02:25 pm - 05:15 pm // T

Intro to Engr:__
04:00 pm - 06:20 pm // W

Anime Club:_____
02:25 pm - 05:15 pm // H