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Poll, please vote, this is the Mod

Ok guys, need help with who should be the icon for instigator in the rp after Verlassen leaves, this is still a bit away but I like to get the character done ahead of time. So here are the pictures and the information I have so far on this characters background. Just so everyone knows there will be no one else allowed to make there own race in the rp nor will there be any others of this race. I didnt want to make a new race at all because then I think everyone wants to, but after talking with some rpers they thought that making a new race for only this guy would be best seeing as he is supposed to be completly different then what the rp has already and is supposed to be feared enough to possibly bring elders who hate eachother together. I hope that makes sense to everyone and if you have any complaints or anything feel free to bring them up to me. I just hope everyone understands. Also this character should be unique looking and somewhat skinny and lengthy....

1. 2.
3. 4.

Poll #174769 New power

Who should be the icon for the new power's human form?

1. Marilyn Manson
2. Peter Steele - Singer of Type O Negative
3. Davey Havok - Singer of AFI
4. Sean - Singer of London After Midnight
Other, please name or give suggestions

The race Lavarian and the myths and legends behind them.

Look/Description: Lavarian’s have two forms, there human forms and then there natural forms. There human forms are as random just like normal humans but they tend to be very beautiful creatures with lanky builds. In there natural form there skin is a pure white and there eyes are a brilliant startling white. There bodies are long and lanky, shinning with an almost purple or blue glow, the color of the sky on a full moon. They stand anywhere from seven to eight feet in height, fingers like claws and long and slim. Lavarian’s also have two hearts, both beating and giving them more strength, but very few creatures are still alive that know of this. One heart is surrounded by bone, making it difficult to puncture. (ooc note so almost no one, if any, in the rp would know of this)

History: Lavarian’s were the first night race, being born far before vampires they believe themselves to be nights true children. For a millennium or more Lavarian’s owned the night, feasting on all the glories it had to offer them, but soon vampires began to roam the nights. Vampires, with there snobbish demeanors and ego’s ragging, began turning humans like it was a game, siring far to many and the vampire population began to far outnumber the Lavarians. Lavarian’s, unlike vampires and werecreatures, can not sire others or infect them; Lavarians are born, just as humans are.
Soon Vampires began to challenge the Lavarian’s, claiming that they were the higher and stronger creatures. The Sithiens were far more powerful but there numbers were fewer and even though they knew in the end the vampires numbers would win, they fought. The battle lasted for centuries, killing an uncountable amount of creatures, but in the end the vampires believed they had killed every last Lavarian. What the vampires did not realize is that a group of Lavarian’s had gone into hiding, burying themselves away into an eternal slumber until a time would come that they would rise again to see the moon and take back there place as the nights first children.
The Lavarian’s numbers are very few, but they are strong and have learned how to mentally shield themselves so that they either appear to be an average human or so that they appear to have the aura of a vampire. Almost all Lavarian’s are still in hiding, refusing to come back out into the eyes of all and be the power and formidable creatures that they used to be. Instead of the time hiding away in slumber making them stronger and angrier it made many weak and fearful of a repeat of the war long ago.

Myths: As like many creatures, there are many myths that surround the Lavarian’s, most of which hold a truth but many that are very far fetched. It is said that the Lavarian’s only feed on the blood of babies and virgins, but this is one of the myths that is very untrue. Lavarian’s in fact do not crave blood, though as all of night’s children they do not mind the taste. Lavarian’s in fact feed off of the life force of an individual. When they feed from a human they are actually draining away years of the individuals life; feeding off of there eternal energy. Rumors of there two hearts are very rare to hear, few know of this difference in them and the few that do have long since been dead. But it is said that Lavarian’s hold a heart of good and evil in them, if one dies it is said that the other takes complete control and can turn the creature into that of pure evil. It is also said that Lavarian’s feed on the souls of the dead, and this myth does hold some truth. Lavarian’s can feed on ghosts or souls but when a Lavarian is spotted in a graveyard or watching a funeral it is generally the misery that they are absorbing, not necessarily feeding off of it but simply enjoying it. One last myth happens to be that Lavarian’s can control your mind and make poor human mortals do whatever they wish, this myth is entirely true. Lavarian's are very advanced creatures, there minds far stronger then any other creature. Lavarian’s all possess the ability to take over a weak mind, some able to take over far stronger creatures minds as well. When they take over someones minds they implant in them what they wish for that creature to do and simply control that person’s body. The creature’s subconscious will know what is happening but will effortless in stopping it. When the task is completed the creature is almost like a slave to the Lavarian who controlled it, its subconscious still linked and in a way opened by the Lavarian. This link can be broken if the creature is strong enough to take back control, if the creature is killed or hurt enough that the Lavarian must break contact in order to not feel the pain, or if the Lavarian is killed.

Weakness: They do not like sunlight at all, though in there human forms they can be out in it. Even in there human form they are weakened and very easily agitated while out in the sun; always trying to stay to the shadows or stay heavily cloaked. Like all creatures that are considered forsaken from god, holy water and objects do hurt them but not nearly as severally as it does to lesser creatures such as vampires. Decapitation kills them like all others but heart trauma to one of there hearts does not.
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