Soundless Scream (vampyricdreams) wrote in weareforsaken,
Soundless Scream

Modness again

Ok tomorrow I am going to write up Kai or Lucian goint to speak with Verlassen about having a final elder battle of sorts to get Verlassen to leave the city. If anyone has a prob with that, wants v to stay or has another plot please please contract me and let me know. If no one does I will have kai or lucian fight Verlassen and have him leave the city. Now where does everyone think he should go? Should he leave the island all together or should he hide out in Vite? Outside of the city? Also this battle will to get Verlassen to leave but it will only guarantee that he and his guards will leave. Roz and any others that worked for him wont be forced off the island because of this...

Let me know people
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