Rozlyn Cyhiraeth (hells_servant) wrote in weareforsaken,
Rozlyn Cyhiraeth

Mod crap la la la mod crap

These people have till tuesday night to post, personal or communnity, or you are suspended.
  • Jesse

  • Alica

  • Grendal

  • Other character updates, read....
  • Nikt and sister sin, post is needed by wednesday or you are back on your orginal suspension and will need a STRONG reason why you said you were back and did not post again.

  • Lily and Pandora were both mentioned in the rp but try to do a personal post to keep updated.

  • Domnia needs to either rp or leave, only personal posts have been made for more then a month now and that is a bit extreme.

  • Stokes has a week or less till 2 weeks is up.

  • Im probably missing someone....let me know if I am....
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