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moving [15 Sep 2003|03:44am]

We Have Moved.

_theforsaken_ rpg can now be found at http://www.greatestjournal.com/community/_theforsaken_
Please still free to join, we are always looking for new members!

To Join click Here

The ooc community for _theforsaken_ can now be found at http://www.greatestjournal.com/community/weareforsaken
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Alrighty READ up [13 Sep 2003|08:47pm]

Its decided that the rp will be moving. In short this rp has been dieing out and I want to bring it back to life, give it a new start. So if you want to continue rping with the rest of us and will be active, on the other journal site with the same basic rp community (same characters same place just 1-2 years later in the story) then please go to http://www.greatestjournal.com and make a journal up for your character and let me know the name of it so it can be added to the _theforsaken_ journal on the other site.

Only make characters that you KNOW you will be able to keep up with. The rules have changed at the new rp and post will now be needed every 10 days or less. Please REREAD the community rules over there. Also this rp takes place 1-2 years after this rp does so a back history will be needed for whatever characters you decide to bring over. This back history will be posted in there PERSONAL journals for everyone to read. So IM me with your characters journal name or post it here and I will add your character to the new rp right away.

Rps in THIS journal will continue to wrap up, a post about lucians funeral will be made and that will be one of the last posts done in this community. So if you have a rp going know you have a day or more to finish it up. Im thinking Monday will be the start of the new rp? let me know if anyone thinks we need more time and please please reply to this post and let me know if you will be moving over, even if you dont have the journal yet, need to make a list of characters and such for the new rp.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
Im really glad you all understand the need for this move ;)

-Jessica, Modness

Side note, greatestjournal is the same journal site as rpgunlimited, they canged there name.
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Modness take....who the hell knows...another Mod post... [12 Sep 2003|02:31pm]

Everyone Please Read

Ok everyone...heres me and the comods thoughts lately on the rp. For the last month or more the rp has been slow and going down hill, it seems I have to pull on half the peoples ears to get them to post once every two weeks, which I shouldnt have to do. Once every two weeks is NOT a hard thing to accomplish, frankly most other rps have it so you have to post once every four or five days. Since I have to email so many and update with so many informing them to post its making the rp become more of a chore to me and makes me feel like Im FORCING people to post which shouldnt be the case at all and makes me feel really bad.
Im aware we need more people and im advertising like crazy but I can only do so much. Since I made a journal for _theforsaken_ at the other rp site Ive already gotten one email from someone wanting to join and this is BEFORE I even advertised the community on the new board. With that in mind Im thinking a move is the only way I can try to get this rp back on its feet again and get regular post and plots flowing. Me and Felica REALLY dont want to lose any of you but we are thinking about what is best for the community and what we can do to get it back up to speed again and make people want to join.
Me and felicia though that if the rp is moved that maybe it should take place a year or two after this one did, give the rp a chance for a new begining so to speak. I would write up a back history of what happened in this (livejournal) rp and post it in the new journal site, let everyone be able to read what happened here (lj) without having to read allll the posts. If it did take place a a year or two after this rp the first post for all of the characters (in there personal journals) would be a brief summary of what happened to them. (aka Roz took off and went insane...brothers tried to follow her...blah blah) What do you guys think? We dont want to do anything that everyone is going to hate.
I have already started to make journals on the new journal site though the move is still no definate yet. But Im doing it just in case, have to much time on my hands. But Id like to know who FOR SURE will be willing to move to the new site AND keep up with posting. As much as it pains me to say this if you cant post every 10 days or less...you probably shouldnt join. I dont want to have to feel like im forcing ppl to post again. The rules will be edited a bit if I do make the new journal too, posts will need to be more often then 2 weeks and things along those lines. I also want to know what people will refuse to move...it will make a differance on if we do or not.

Felicia let me know if I missed anything or if something isnt worded right.
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As I've said before . . . [12 Sep 2003|01:02pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

I've been having a lot of trouble with trying to role-play here. I (1) am busy with school and clubs, (2) am unable to RP because no one's on-line, (3) have a 9:00 curfew for the computer, and (4) am too tired by the time I'm finished with everything else. There're other hurdles, too, but no matter the reason--I'm having trouble with posting. I don't want to post every once-in-a-while because I want to do some quality RP-ing, but I don't have the time and I don't want to quit. Argh! If anyone has any ideas, please share them with me. [Oh, by the way, I think moving to the other location would be a good idea.]

~Jon (Wave, emerald_psion)

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[09 Sep 2003|10:02pm]

Jesse of the journal unique_minds is out of the rp, no post has been made after notice. That is all.
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PLEASE READ!!!!!!!! [08 Sep 2003|08:14pm]

Everyone NEEDS to vote on this!

Ok guys heres the deal. There is a new rpg journal site (just like livejournal) but on this site you can have up to 100 icons and it is also free, no codes or anything. I wouldnt be willing to move every post over or anything but I would leave the community (this one on lj) up so if people need to backread that its there for everyone. I want to know how many of you are interested in moving the site or if you think it is fine as is. If i did move the community it would have the same name and same rules, everything wold be copy and pasted over. But again the posts from this community (lj) woud not be moved over. Let me know your guys thoughts and opinions on this, Im unsure on it.
The journal rpg site is http://www.unlimitedrpg.com

Poll #178010 To move or not move...

Should I move the community to the new journal site?


Sent an email to everyone too, sorry if it sent twice, damn hotmail oddness...
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Mod crap la la la mod crap [08 Sep 2003|12:06am]

These people have till tuesday night to post, personal or communnity, or you are suspended.
  • Jesse

  • Alica

  • Grendal

  • Other character updates, read....
  • Nikt and sister sin, post is needed by wednesday or you are back on your orginal suspension and will need a STRONG reason why you said you were back and did not post again.

  • Lily and Pandora were both mentioned in the rp but try to do a personal post to keep updated.

  • Domnia needs to either rp or leave, only personal posts have been made for more then a month now and that is a bit extreme.

  • Stokes has a week or less till 2 weeks is up.

  • Im probably missing someone....let me know if I am....
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    Mod crap again [07 Sep 2003|05:31am]

    Everyone please look at the forsaken rules http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=_theforsaken_ and reread rule number 8 and read the new rule number 10. Recently there have been a few questions by rpers and I hope that these rules additions/rewording help clear them up. If anyone would like to comment about the rules (problem, miss spelling, what have you) feel free to comment here or email me.
    Also, since I did these far to late at night, Felicia let me know if you have a problem with any of the wording or anything along those lines.

    Please comment when you read this, want to make sure everyone sees it so that there arent question later or anything....blah modness lol. Thank you everyone for understanding! Hope none of you are pissed/tired/blahness at me lol.

    Much love,
    Very tired Mod....
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    mod crap la la la [06 Sep 2003|10:43pm]

    Both Devaan and Nikt (also sister sin) are back in the game I believe. Both gave me reasons for there absence. Remember the two week rule guys. If I have to suspend you again its pretty much for good unless you have a DAMNED good reason. So get posting, let me know if you need to be updated as to what has happened.
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    Will the modness ever stop? Again with the stuff I hate... [03 Sep 2003|06:45pm]

    Devaan aka padraigdarksoul is now suspended from the rp, been two weeks since he has posted and a week and a half since I have talked with him. If I recieve word from him soon and he has a logical reasoning for being gone there is a chance of him being allowed back in, as there is with everyone that becomes suspended. nikt and nun_of_death have till tomorrow to post or give me word as to what is going on before they too are suspended, Ive been emailing him for a while but have recieved no word back.

    List of people that need to watch the two week rule, been a week (lil more or lil less)
  • Nikt

  • sister sin

  • pandora - plot character

  • Alicia

  • Grendal

  • Jesse

  • Drai

  • Lily

  • Domina
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    ding dong the bitch is dead...or something along those lines [03 Sep 2003|06:27pm]

    Well elder battle finally happened, needed to happen for a looooooong time and didnt quiet know how to do it but now its done with lol. Verlassen may come back to the rp later, not sure seeing as he is not my true character, but none the less Verlassen is out of Tainuit and Lucian was killed in the battle, Im sure a rp funeral thing will take place sometime or another *pauses for a moment of silence for Lucain*

    Umm yes Roz will still be in the city as are her brothers and such, cant get rid of them so easily *insert evil laughter*
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    Damn the school year and my parents [02 Sep 2003|01:21pm]

    [ mood | aggravated ]

    Well, the school year has begun for me, which poses a big problem--My mother is a control freak who believes all little boys and girls should be getting nine-to-ten hours of sleep every night and therefore believes that no-one should be allowed on the computer after nine o'clock (central time).

    Seeing as the majority of you people only come on-line at night (and live on or near the West Coast), I will either need to resort to RP-sterbating or hoping for someone to come on-line during the day. This is going to make things very difficult for me to post. Anyone have any ideas, suggestions, or pity?

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    [01 Sep 2003|05:03pm]

    Im sooooo bored today....like beyond normal bored....and I cant work on the new power guy anymore cause im still complely stuck on who should play him...mostly stuck between the afi guy and marilyn manson. Guys think the afi guy is to femmy to be considered intimidating, girls think hes hot. Guys like marilyn manson, I like it cause hes easy to find different looks for.....damned choices....damned you...

    Ummm yes off track a bit...someone come play with me ;) Im bored...
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    Bad part of being a Mod [01 Sep 2003|04:46pm]

    Well I have recieved no word from Serel even after all the emails and comments on this board. So Serel is now out of the rp, if this player contacts me soon and lets me know what is going on they may be able to come back but that is uncertain and depends on the situation. So to let everyone know, do not try to set up a plot with Serel in it.
    If anyone hears from this player please let me know, if they do not want the journal the rp will take it and so on.
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    Poll, please vote, this is the Mod [31 Aug 2003|07:00pm]

    Ok guys, need help with who should be the icon for the...next instigator in the rp after Verlassen leaves, this is still a bit away but I like to get the character done ahead of time. So here are the pictures and the information I have so far on this characters background. Just so everyone knows there will be no one else allowed to make there own race in the rp nor will there be any others of this race. I didnt want to make a new race at all because then I think everyone wants to, but after talking with some rpers they thought that making a new race for only this guy would be best seeing as he is supposed to be completly different then what the rp has already and is supposed to be feared enough to possibly bring elders who hate eachother together. I hope that makes sense to everyone and if you have any complaints or anything feel free to bring them up to me. I just hope everyone understands. Also this character should be unique looking and somewhat skinny and lengthy....

    1. 2.
    3. 4.

    Poll #174769 New power

    Who should be the icon for the new power's human form?

    1. Marilyn Manson
    2. Peter Steele - Singer of Type O Negative
    3. Davey Havok - Singer of AFI
    4. Sean - Singer of London After Midnight
    Other, please name or give suggestions

    Background I have so far...might help you pick a picture easierCollapse )
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    codes [30 Aug 2003|09:51pm]

    If any players in the community have spare lj codes can you please email them to darkened_lust@hotmail.com or message me with them, community is running low on them again and I always like to have some for new players so that I dont have to spend days hunting. Thanks to any that help ;)
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    I hate this part... [30 Aug 2003|02:31am]

    Serle, Eric, and Ryu all of your guys 2 weeks is up, and has been but again I have been slacking a bit. Each of you now has till Saturday night to get a personal (if you have no time to rp) or community (if you do) post or you character will be suspended from the community. Sorry to do this but gotta keep up with the rule. Please let me know (co-mod or others) if there is someone im missing or if I am mistaken in one of these people.

    Also an email is being sent to each of you so you will be sure to know...

    EDIT: Lilandra is fine, missed a post sorry about that.

    Has been about a week(more or less) since these characters have been in the rp. Just giving you warning.

    Sister sin

    -Mod full of writers block
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    Lists oooo the lists.... [30 Aug 2003|12:24am]

    Few rpers have asked for a list of who plays who (only active characters listed...ones who are dead or written out are not in the lists) and there contact info so I am going to make this post with all of that information. If you want to be known by a different name, dont want your contact info on here, or anything of that sort let me know and I will take it down.

    The listsCollapse )
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    [29 Aug 2003|11:38pm]

    Well, everyone, the ownership of character Ziva is now mine [Jon, the owner of Wave]. There's not much more to it, other than that, but if you'd like to ask something or wish to contact the previous owner, feel free to comment here. That is all.

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    Modness again [28 Aug 2003|04:57pm]

    Ok tomorrow I am going to write up Kai or Lucian goint to speak with Verlassen about having a final elder battle of sorts to get Verlassen to leave the city. If anyone has a prob with that, wants v to stay or has another plot please please contract me and let me know. If no one does I will have kai or lucian fight Verlassen and have him leave the city. Now where does everyone think he should go? Should he leave the island all together or should he hide out in Vite? Outside of the city? Also this battle will to get Verlassen to leave but it will only guarantee that he and his guards will leave. Roz and any others that worked for him wont be forced off the island because of this...

    Let me know people
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